The birth of INNER VISIONS is a creation from the dynamism of Dominique Leurquin (guitarist, ex-Dream Child, and «special guest» during the tours of the Italian band Rhapsody) and Philippe Jaccoud (keyboards), two musicians based in Annecy, France.
In February 2000, Dominique joined Rhapsody as second guitar player for the "Symphony Of The Enchanted Lands" tour (with Stratovarius & Sonata Arctica). Although he was playing almost everywhere in Europe, he began missing writing in his own compositions. He decided to call his long time friend Philippe with the project of writing the forthcoming titles for what was to become INNER VISIONS.
This composing work had thus begun with four hands during winter 2001, without any projection to the future, Philippe writing lyrics and melody lines, Dominique bringing his guitar skills for the arrangement and composition.
In 2002, during the Rhapsody's "Power Of The Dragon Flame" World Tour, Dominique proposed to his stage mate Patrice Guers (a fabulous bass player also known for his previous work with the French guitar virtuoso Patrick Rondat and Ian Parry's Consortium Project) to join INNER VISIONS (which at the time was just called Visions). After having listened to a "cellar-made" demo (with Philippe on vocals), Patrice was in spite of this immediately interested in joining the band.
The drummer, Laurent Nafissi, and Dominique know each other since 1994. Laurent is actually sound engineer at the NSR Studios, where Dream Child recorded its two albums. During these recording sessions, Laurent had the chance to show Dominique his drumming skills (to say more about this, he is building his own snare drums!). He took the INNER VISIONS opportunity to come back behind his kit.
It's with the help of a guest singer, as Philippe has a rather poor voice, that a four tracks demo has been recorded between April and May 2003. This demo has been globally very positively received, and several labels began to show interest in the band. Finally, the band decided to put his trust in Replica Records, a brand new label recently founded by Olivier Garnier, known for his previous work with NTS (Adagio, Manigance, Patrick Rondat, Fairyland, Malédiction).
With a contract in their pocket, the band was ready to go in to the studio to start to record their first album. It's during these sessions, which took place at the NSR Studios under the control of Laurent Nafissi, that they found their singer, in the person of Julien Jacquemond, who was the last one to join the band. This young kid is a former guitar student of Dominique, who later turned to vocals for several years. However, he has not given up his first instrument that he played with his previous band Insomny. His voice was the last element missing in the melodic speed metal composed by Dominique and Philippe. From now on INNER VISIONS is more than ready to spread his music to the fans!
Called "Control the Past", the first album of INNER VISIONS will be released in Japan late September 2004 and about a month later World wide.
July 2004
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